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Schoolege designed methodology will help you speak the language in a few months
The Innovative Approach to Skills Development

Digital Education That Focuses On Skills Development

Our courses provide you with the hands-on skills you need, whether for travelling and socializing or for improving your job communication. Information-rich topics are relevant to students’ lives.

Topics Based On Real-life Situations And Examples

Topics Based On Real-life Situations And Examples

In our English speaking classes online, equal importance is given to grammar, listening, vocabulary, and speaking. In a few months, you can understand and communicate with people.

All Materials Are Designed To Improve Your Language Skills

All Materials Are Designed To Improve Your Language Skills

Each class offers post-online digital activities to support your learning. Digital learning is available 24/7, do extra practice and check your progress.

Proven, Quality Teaching That Delivers Real Results

Proven, Quality Teaching That Delivers Real Results

Our native or fluent bilingual teachers are experienced and specially trained in digital teaching and learning and motivate you to talk with confidence. Learning Armenian and English is easier than you think.

5 Easy Steps For Learning A Language With Us

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An e-learning platform is a digital or online software application designed to facilitate the creation, delivery, management, and tracking of educational and training content over the Internet. It provides a virtual environment for learning, making education and training more accessible to a wide range of learners and offering greater accessibility, flexibility, and opportunities for lifelong learning.

We ensure the quality of our online courses by working with experienced educators and subject matter experts. Our courses are designed to meet specific learning objectives, and we regularly update and improve them based on student feedback.

A free trial lesson is a sample class that allows you to experience our online learning environment.  It’s an opportunity to see if the platform and courses suit your needs and learning style before making any commitments.

It will let you explore our platform. You can discover the lessons and materials. The Methodist/teacher will join you and answer all the questions, determine your language level, tell you about the learning process and help you form a schedule. The duration of the free lesson is 30 minutes.

To start digital learning with us, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, a computer tablet, or a smartphone (that has a microphone and camera) to access online courses and educational content. Create an account on the learning platform, so you can access course materials, track your progress, and interact with instructors and other learners.

You’ll receive various learning materials, including video lessons, interactive quizzes, and assignments.

Once you buy a lesson, related materials are available for you 24/7. You can refresh and practice your new skills anytime you want. In addition, you also have homework and vocabulary pages, where you can add any new words.

Our native or fluent bilingual tutors are experienced and specially trained to motivate you and help you to talk with confidence. They are dedicated to helping you succeed in your courses, and you can reach out to them for support and guidance. At our school, you have the opportunity to choose a tutor based on your preferences.

Our school offers flexible learning schedules 24/7, allowing everyone to fit language learning around their schedule and needs.  You set your own hours whenever you want. This is another reason our students prefer our online classes to traditional language schools. This convenience ensures that students can continue to improve their language skills without disrupting their work or study responsibilities.

Of course! If you find that a tutor isn’t the right fit for you, you can request a change. We want to ensure you have a positive learning experience, so we’ll do our best to match you with a more suitable tutor.

The time it takes to complete a course varies based on the course’s content and your learning pace. You can study at your preferred speed. On average it takes 36-40 lessons to complete one level of online language course.

Digital learning in education encompasses a wide range of online and technology-based approaches to teaching and learning. Our digital learning incorporates audio recordings, video materials, interactive assignments, and live interaction with the instructor. It necessitates the use of at least one technological device, such as a computer, laptop, or mobile phone.