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Astghik - English Tutor Schoolege

“I get lots of satisfaction from my students’ rapid improvements, especially when they get a better job, talk fluently with their partners and do reports because their English has improved greatly.”


English tutor

Nazeli - English Tutor Schoolege

“Schoolege has transformed the teaching of language: a new innovative platform, interactive lessons and everything are organized for teaching and learning. It helps to prepare and motivate students to achieve independence, build confidence, and gain their goals. I really enjoy teaching and love to meet my students, who come from so different parts of the world and have diverse backgrounds, needs and interests.”


English tutor

Alvard Armenian Tutor Schoolege

“You can have students from different countries and we together discussing various topics, real-life situations and practising the language. That’s something that is very difficult to achieve in a traditional classroom.”


Armenian tutor

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Teaching English online can be a fulfilling and flexible way to share your expertise and help students achieve their language learning goals. Whether you work through a platform or independently, maintaining a positive and professional online teaching presence is key to your success as an online English tutor.

Teaching online provides flexibility and allows you to reach a global audience. It’s important to establish yourself as a knowledgeable and reliable online teacher while continuously improving your teaching skills and learning from student feedback.

To become an online English tutor, you need to have a high level of language proficiency, confirmed by certificates and experience. Register and create a teacher profile on the platform, go through the selection process, start teaching, continuously improve yourself, and further your education to enhance your teaching skills.

Teaching English online is a rewarding and flexible way to share your language skills with students from around the world. At Schoolege you set your own hours and work whenever you want. You can teach as many hours as you’d like to. Homeworks are checked automatically. It allows you to relax more.

It’s important to research and choose the platform that best fits your qualifications and preferences. Schoolege offers numerous advantages of teaching online: all the information about the material, and tips are available on the platform. The interactive dictionary, an interactive whiteboard and other functions make life easier for tutors. You can work from home and earn more money than at a traditional language school. Free training.