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Schoolege designed methodology will help you speak Armenian language in few months
The Innovative Approach to Skills Development

Digital Education That Focuses On Skills Development

Our Armenian language spoken courses offer practical hands-on skills for travel, socializing, and career communication with relevant topics.

Topics Based On Real-life Situations And Examples

Topics Based On Real-life Situations And Examples

Our lessons cover grammar, listening, vocabulary, and speaking with equal emphasis. Start learning Armenian now and communicate in just a few months!

All Materials Are Designed To Improve Your Language Skills

All Materials Are Designed To Improve Your Language Skills

Each class offers post online digital activities to support your learning. Our elearning platform is available 24/7, do extra practice and check your progress.

Proven, Quality Teaching That Delivers Real Results

Proven, Quality Teaching That Delivers Real Results

Our native or fluent bilingual teachers are experienced and specially trained to motivate you and help you to talk with confidence.

5 easy steps for learning a language with us

Our Armenian Courses

After completing levels in Schoolege you can

Learning the letters, beginner level

Read the letters of the Armenian alphabet, all the features of pronunciation.

Understand and use common everyday expressions.

Can exchange information in a simple way with other people.

Elementary level

Explain in simple way your immediate environment and basic needs.

Communicate with native speakers using the basic grammar.

Recognise several famous buildings in Yerevan, their history.

Pre-intermediate level

Express yourself using all parts of Armenian grammar correctly.

Know about Armenian nature, sights, people's life and lifestyle.

Produce simple connected texts on personal interests and express an opinion.

Intermediate level

Use grammatical structures of different complexity in speech.

Understand and communicate with native speakers, talk about general topics.

Know about different sights, traditions, national holidays and cultural values of Armenia.

Upper-intermediate level

Express complete thoughts with the right grammatical structures.

Recognize and know international and Armenian national values.

Read and write a great variety of complex texts, recognise the implicit meanings.

Placement Test

Our learning levels have 50 classes each.
Get started with our English placement test! Takes 7-10 min

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Popular Questions

Got a question? We’re here to help.

Armenian is the language spoken in Armenia. It’s also recognized as the official language of the country. Armenian is known for its unique script, which is one of the oldest alphabets in the world, dating back to the 5th century AD.

Armenians primarily speak the Armenian language. Armenian is the official language of Armenia and is widely spoken by Armenians in Armenia and the Armenian diaspora.

The Armenian language is unique within the Indo-European language family and does not have close relatives or languages that are highly similar to it. It is considered an isolated language, meaning that it does not belong to any larger language group or share a common ancestor with other languages in the same family.

The earliest known evidence of the Armenian language dates to the early 4th century AD. The creation of the Armenian alphabet is attributed to Saint Mesrop Mashtots, who developed it in the early 5th century, specifically in 405 AD. The Armenian language is thus around 1,600 years old in its written form.

To learn the Armenian language, you can consider enrolling in language courses, hiring a tutor, or using online language learning resources and apps. Learning from native speakers or in a classroom setting can be highly beneficial.

To learn the Armenian alphabet, you can find online resources, apps, or books specifically designed for teaching the Armenian script. It’s a unique and interesting script to explore.

To speak the Armenian language effectively, it’s crucial to practice speaking with native speakers, use language learning apps, and engage with Armenian communities if possible. Consistent practice and exposure are key to becoming fluent.